Our principles

Our mission is that of being close to our customers, always guaranteeing a high quality of work and product. We are a single production chain, because suppliers and customers are an essential part of our process, in a fundamental partnership perspective.

Our Value

We are a family and our company is based on trust, responsibility and reliability.

Our staff can count on us and they are the real protagonists of our success. This is why we help them improve their skills and talents in a collaborative and stimulating environment, distinguishing ourselves in our sector.

Curiosity and passion have always guided us and lead us to develop our skills and to be competitive on the market.

Environmental Sustainability

The use of state-of-the-art machinery in all phases of the process GUARANTEES HIGH SUSTAINABILITY STANDARDS,
Hygiene, Recycling and Versatility are our commitment to the environment and energy saving.

Our corporate social responsibility is based on a strong commitment to pursue effective eco-sustainable growth that preserves the resources of the environment in which we work and live.
In fact, we have an original solvent blast chiller, resulting from the production process, and a recovery system that transforms the heat generated by the production cycle into heating for the work environment.

A quality system to the highest standards

Quality control is our flagship, thanks to the creation of special workflows that allow us to reduce risks and monitor all production steps. 

The effectiveness of the Quality System guarantees at all times:

  • the absolute quality of the product
  • the use of approved materials
  • the preservation of all the results of the qualitative tests
  • the complete traceability of each individual batch

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