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“The full success achieved to date is the testimony of an enterprising and dynamic management, of a unique company but with a multifaceted soul, oriented towards satisfying every type of need of its customers”

The secret of our success

Houston Corporation was founded in 1986 in Milan as a company specialized in the duplication of Floppy Disks to then follow, step by step, the evolution of all the phonographic video supports that have characterized the last decades, making it still today a leading company with Italian and European awards.

Passing from cassettes with your subsidiary 3S Srl and then, in parallel orienting yourself towards the duplication of video cassettes, it arrives today with the duplication of CDs - DVDs and Vinyls

Despite this, however, the ownership of the Houston Corporation, always ready to face new adventures, given the use of digital technology that takes away "market shares" from the physical medium, in 2014 accepted a new challenge and made a further expansion to its production by adding to its own within the Metal Coating division

A refined request from different markets, or a basic product, is always the stimulus for an answer characterized by a constant and guaranteed imprint: high quality combined in a binding way with an absolutely professional competence entrusted to an extremely qualified staff, all uniquely at customer service.

Our strength is continuous evolution and the ability to always and concretely interpret the needs of the customer, who finds proposals and answers in our collaboration. We try to invent and shape new projects, maintaining a primary reference concept: the quality of the product supplied.

Thanks to the competence and the prestigious reputation achieved, and above all to the collaboration and trust that our customers place in Houston, the full success achieved to date is the testimony of an enterprising, dynamic management that loves its products, the result not only of machines, but of ideas, and it is the idea that moves man.

Our history

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