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Our production
From the original master, supplied by the Customer, the Glass master is made using a galvanic process: we obtain the stamper in which there are exactly all the datas contained in the original master.

This stamp will be used for the pressure casting of the polycarbonate, for the production of CD's and DVD's.

After the dry up phase, necessary to eliminate every possible trace of humidity,it will follow the pressure casting of the polycarbonate, in which all the datas in the stamper are transferred to every single support produced (CD or DVD).

The metallized operation, done to cover the device surface, is made with a little layer of aluminium for CD, while silicon is used for DVD.

The metallized surface is protected by a special trasparent lacquer that is dried using special UV lamps.

In this way the reflection properties are assured to the device, and this is a fundamental element for the video/audio devices to recognize the information contained in the support.

All the duplication phases are constantly monitored by specific scanners in order to block and discard immediately any device considered faulty.

OFFSET print of CD and DVD labels is done using Kammann machines, universally known as the most advanced, sophisticated and reliable machines, with a daily production capacity of 18000 units.

The first step of the decoration consists in the quality control of the duplicated disks. It is done by cross-checking the identification codes on every support.

After this, according to the graphic characteristics requested, the white layer can be made, using the serigraphic station; the other four following stations are dedicated to the colours for the OFFSET stamp.

After the last station there is a camera to verify the correct concordance between the decoration made and the original file. This is done to guarantee our Customer of the highest quality of the finished product.

The CD and DVD industrial production process ends with the PACKAGING. All the standard packaging are made in Our Facility using the most updated machines.

Also in Our facility a special sector is dedicated to make any kind of manual packaging.

Even during this last operation, the constant quality monitoring is guaranteed with the fastest speed of execution.